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About the Alberta Community Bat Program (Alberta Bats)

The Alberta Community Bat Program (ACBP) is a program of Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, which was started in collaboration with Alberta Environment and Parks, along with the Alberta Bat Action Team. The ACBP was modelled after highly successful community bat programs in British Columbia (e.g.,, and continues to work closely with counterparts in BC for the development of program materials. Community bat programs in BC, as well as Bat Action Teams in both BC and Alberta, have been instrumental in creating science-based guidelines and best practices widely used by government, industry and conservation groups in both provinces.


Top banner (little brown bat at Cadomin Cave): Jason Headley (with modifications)
Logo (line drawing of little brown bat): Tracy Flach (with modification)
Slider images: Hoary bat – Cory Olson; Bat house construction – Brook Skagen

Some materials on the Alberta Community Bat Program website were adapted from materials created by Community Bat Programs of BC.

Other images credited where used