Alberta Community Bat Program

Bat Condo Project


The Alberta Community Bat Program has been working with various partners to design, build and install Alberta’s first bat condo! Over the next few years, we will collect data needed to examine the conservation benefits of these structures, and to identify design improvements to make future projects more successful. The condo is tentatively planned for installation in a Calgary-area park during Fall 2017. Visit this site regularly to receive updates on the status of the project.


A bat condo is a really large bat house. The condo being built has sides over 4 feet (1.2 m) long, and requires 4 posts to support its weight. A series of baffles provide roost space in the interior and roof compartments. Our design also adds roosting space under the cedar siding and tin roofing. While a typical bat house can only support up to a couple hundred bats, this condo is capable of providing roost space for over a couple thousand!

Overcrowded Bat House

Overcrowded bat house with bats clustered in cooler locations near the exit.


Many bats have become reliant on buildings as roosting sites. These locations may provide optimal temperatures, spacious roosting environments, and protection from predators, all contributing to high reproductive success.

However, suitable buildings are not always available, and bats using buildings may come into conflict with people, often resulting in their eviction. Bat houses are recommended for providing alternative accommodation when bats are being evicted from building roosts, or when natural roosts are no longer able to regenerate, but these structures are unlikely to replicate the stable, warm temperatures found in buildings. As threats such as white-nose syndrome continue to make bats a greater conservation priority, we need to explore new methods for ensuring our bats have access to high quality roosting habitat.

Bat condos attempt to replicate the conditions found in buildings. They are expected to provide more stable temperatures (reducing the risk of overheating), allow occupancy by a greater number of bats, and provide space where bats are allowed to roost undisturbed.


Condo projects are major undertakings, and are best suited to organizations that have sufficient resources to build, install, monitor, and maintain these structures. Please contact us if you are considering a condo project.

» ACBP Design Schematics – Will be available after final design is complete

» Wisconsin DNR Bat Condo Design
» Pennsylvania Game Commission Bat Condo Design


Bat Condo Project Launch – June 26, 2017

The bat condo website has officially launched! Since 2016, the Alberta Community Bat Program has been working on the design and construction of Alberta’s first bat condo project. This is no ordinary bat house! The structure has sides over 4 feet (1.2 m) wide, and will stand over 14 feet (4.3 m) tall. The structure could potentially support over 2,000 bats!

The condo is based on the Wisconsin DNR Bat Condo, but has several modifications designed to make it more appealing to Alberta bats. This includes new space under the roof and siding, designed to replicate locations where they often roost in buildings.

Over the coming months, the ACBP hopes to finalize approvals and install the structure in preparation for the 2018 season. We’ll provide regular updates as the project progresses, so be sure to check back regularly!

The bat condo is a project of

Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

Developed in collaboration with

NorthStar Project SolutionsGovernment of Alberta

Funding for this and other projects was gratefully received from

Alberta Ecotrust FoundationAlberta Conservation AssociationTD Friends of the Environment FoundationEnvironment Canada HSP