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Documents Created by the Alberta Community Bat Program

Handbooks and Guidance Documents

Alberta bat house guidelines

NEW! Alberta Guide for Managing Bats in Buildings (.pdf)

Do you have a building with bats? Not all bats need to be excluded from buildings, and when they do, there are
important steps for ensuring minimal harm to our bat populations. Read this guide to find information on bats
in buildings and various options for managing them.

Alberta bat house guidelines

Bat House Recommendations for Alberta (.pdf)

Interested in bat houses? Read this primer for advice on building and installing bat houses appropriate for Alberta.
Also see this page for design instructions

Citizen Science Program

DNA Collection from Bat Guano Protocol

Alberta DNA Sampling Protocol Using Bat Guano (.pdf)

Have a bat roost you would like to report?
Consider collecting a guano sample and sending it to the Alberta Community Bat Program.
We can send it to a genetic lab for species-level identification (funds permitting).

Also see our citizen science page for information on reporting roosts

Program Brochures

program flyer

Alberta Community Bat Program cards for bat houses (.pdf)

Planning a bat house building workshop? Consider including these cards to encourage participants to report their results

Presentations and Posters

Alberta Community Bat Program poster

Alberta Community Bat Program poster (.pdf)

A poster providing some information on the Alberta Community Bat Program

Habitat of Alberta Bats poster

Habitat of Alberta Bats Poster (.pdf)

A poster detailing some general information on the bats of Alberta and their habitat use (by Cory Olson)

ACBP Citizen Science Poster

ACBP Citizen Science Poster (.pdf)

A poster describing the Alberta Community Bat Program’s Citizen Science Program (by Cory Olson)

Documents Created by the Community Bat Programs of BC

For more information visit their webpage

BC Bats in Buildings

Got Bats? A BC Guide for Managing Bats in Buildings (.pdf)

Guide created for British Columbia for how to manage bats in Buildings – highly applicable to Alberta

BC Got Bats FAQ

Got Bats? B.C. Community Bat Project Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf)

Excellent resource with answers to many questions people have about bats

Bat Houses in BC

Building Homes for Bats: A Guide for Bat Houses in British Columbia (.pdf)

Comprehensive resource for how to build and install bat houses in British Columbia. Also see Alberta specific recommendations (above)