Online Form for Submitting Comprehensive Roost Information

Thank you for reporting your roost observations, and helping to monitor maternity colonies in Alberta.

For more information on the citizen science project, or to find detailed instructions, visit the project webpage.

Please use this form after submitting your basic roost information using the Neighbourhood Bat Watch web form. Colony counts should also be submitted through the Neighbourhood Bat Watch web form. If you do not wish to submit your observations to Bat Watch, you are still encouraged to submit your observations using this form. Submission of comprehensive roost information is encouraged but is not required to be involved in the citizen science program.

Form Instructions

Please complete the form separately for each roosting location, even if it is on the same property. Two bat houses installed next to each other (e.g., back to back pairs) are considered as two houses and should be submitted seperately. Roosts in multiple buildings on the same property should also be reported separately. Please provide an explanation in the comment section if more than one report is submitted for the same property. This form can be submitted multiple times for the same roost (such as if new monitoring data is available), but please make it clear in the comments if this is a supplemental submission for a previously reported roost.

If possible, please complete all fields – this will ensure the data is usable for analyses of roosting habitat. However, we encourage all submissions even if some information cannot be provided. You are encouraged to contact us if you require additional clarification.

We highly encourage the reporting of negative results (e.g., non-use or observations of dead bats).

Setup (Complete Before Proceeding)
Note: Bat houses should be reported even if never used.
Signs of use may include fecal droppings, as well as visual or auditory vocalizations
Your Information
To find colony code, select "list of colonies" under "Explore" on the batwatch website
If not the landowner, please enter landowner contact information below
Only fill out if you are not the landowner
Roost Information
E.g., "Nancy's house" --- You should only have one roost with this name, but reuse this name for all future submissions for this particular roost.
Use formats: UTM (Zone XX, 0666666mE 8888888mN) or Decimal Degree (11.111111 -111.111111)
e.g., what is the structure they are roosting in? What part of the structure are they using? How large is the structure? How many exits?
Just report width for watercourses
Includes installation date for bat houses; or construction date for buildings
Bathouse Specific Questions
(e.g., black, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, untinted, etc.)
e.g., provide internet link to design schematics, type of wood, method used to roughen interior surface, workshop location where house was built (if applicable), etc.
Combined file size limit = 24 MB. Multiple files can be selected. Include closeup and wide angle of roost, surrounding area, and any signs of bats.
Usage or Monitoring Information
Also include method of identification (e.g., field guide, echolocation recordings, local expert)
If yes, please use comment boxes to explain
You can also include comments on this program or the submission process

The data you are providing can be forwarded to government databases (e.g., The Fish and Wildlife Management Information System [FWMIS]) for long-term archival. This information may be shared with others in accordance with government policies and procedures. Submitted data will not include personal information (e.g., names, phone numbers), but may include geographic coordinates of the roost along with other roost specific information.