Alberta Bats

Alberta Bats

The Alberta Community Bat Program’s mission is to raise awareness of bat conservation issues, help local residents manage bats in buildings, and to collect data needed to monitor and better understand bats in the province.

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Alberta Community Bat Program joins the Neighbourhood Bat Watch Research Network!

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We enjoyed a very successful launch of our citizen science program in 2016. Now, just in time for the 2017 season, we have partnered with Neighbourhood Bat Watch to work towards creating a national citizen science program for reporting observations of bats and bat roosts. This is an exciting new development and the new system offers excellent opportunities for all Albertans to get involved with bat monitoring. New tools allow users to track roosts and bat observations over time and to map public observations across the province. The Alberta Community Bat Program, in partnership with Alberta Environment and Parks, continues to manage submissions through the program that occur within Alberta. Visit our citizen science page for more information.

‘Alberta Guide for Managing Bats in Buildings’ now released!

Alberta bat house guidelines

Great news! We have just released our Alberta Guide for Managing Bats in Buildings. Read this guide for information on bats that use buildings in Alberta, and how to be good stewards of bats on your property. We provide information on how to enhance and maintain building roosts, as well as how to minimize harm to bats that must be excluded from buildings. Also see our resources page for more guides and information about bats.

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Alberta Community Bat Program

Townsend's Big-eared bats - Stealth Bats! #bats #whisperingbats #beverrwyverrrwyqwietCorynorhinus townsendii (Townsend’s big-eared bats) employ low intensity ‘stealth echolocation’ to overcome eared-prey defenses (i.e., sonar jamming, evasive maneuvers). The echolocation calls of C. townsendii, which are 20-45 dB lower than other aerial-hawking species, elicit weaker prey defensive responses, ensuring that “[the bats] detect prey before prey detect the bats.”
This incredible evolutionary counteradaptation garners C. townsendii an 81.7% capture success rate - the highest rate of any bat species capturing flying insects!

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Image | Corynorhinus townsendii by Michael Durham
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Townsends Big-eared bats - Stealth Bats! #bats #whisperingbats #beverrwyverrrwyqwiet

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