Alberta Bats

Alberta Bats

The Alberta Community Bat Program’s mission is to raise awareness of bat conservation issues, help local residents manage bats in buildings, and to collect data needed to monitor and better understand bats in the province.

Contact us if you need help with bats or get involved with bats through citizen science.


‘Alberta Guide for Managing Bats in Buildings’ now released!

Alberta bat house guidelines

Great news! We have just released our Alberta Guide for Managing Bats in Buildings. Read this guide for information on bats that use buildings in Alberta, and how to be good stewards of bats on your property. We provide information on how to enhance and maintain building roosts, as well as how to minimize harm to bats that must be excluded from buildings. Also see our resources page for more guides and information about bats.

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Great educational video on mammals! #Bats by the way, are placental mammals! So yes, like ourselves, whales and other placental mammals, bats have belly-buttons! (I know you were wanting to ask!). 😀

The (sometimes bizarre) birth methods of mammals:
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4 days ago

Alberta Community Bat Program

#Earthday #saveourbats"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe" - John Muir

Celebrate and protect our bats this #EarthDay 🙂

#fightwns #batconservation
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#Earthday #saveourbats

Happy Earth Day with a message from Bat Conservation International! And if you were wondering, for most parts of Canada, you would paint your bat box black. 🙂 Alberta Bats also suggests that you use multi-chamber boxes. We also have free downloadable plans for bat houses on our website at

Bat Conservation International
This #EarthDay, celebrate your love of bats by installing a bat house on your property.

Check out BCI's bat house guide for helpful tips and tricks:
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The Alberta Community Bat Program is developed in collaboration with:

Wildlife Conservation Society CanadaGovernment of Alberta

This program is supported with funding from:

TD Friends of the Environment FoundationAlberta Ecotrust FoundationEnvironment Canada HSP

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